The West Broadway Business and Area Coalition or West Broadway Coalition (WBC) coordinates an increasing calendar of events and creative projects on Broadway Ave and the surrounding neighborhoods of Near North. Click the links below to register for events or to take advantage of project hire opportunities. 

Our Mission: The West Broadway Business and Area Coalition (WBC) leads initiatives to bring businesses, non-profit organizations and neighbors together to create an inviting and vital West Broadway corridor that will transform the Northside into a thriving economic community.

The West Broadway Coalition is working with the design/architect/build team of TENxTEN, 4RM-ULA and Juxtaposition Arts to create an outdoor, public plaza for artist led activity at 2034 West Broadway. 

This year of activity is envisioned as an active trial to inform the vision of a potential permanent performance plaza, as well as evolving, creative uses of parks and open spaces throughout the Northside. 

The public plaza design process and year of programming is part of a suite of activities that won support in 2015 from the nationally competitive ArtPlace America project.