The West Broadway Business and Area Coalition or West Broadway Coalition (WBC) coordinates an increasing calendar of events and creative projects on Broadway Ave and the surrounding neighborhoods of Near North. Click the links below to register for events or to take advantage of project hire opportunities. 

Our Mission: The West Broadway Business and Area Coalition (WBC) leads initiatives to bring businesses, non-profit organizations and neighbors together to create an inviting and vital West Broadway corridor that will transform the Northside into a thriving economic community.

FLOW North Side Arts Crawl seeks artists of all genres, ages and experience in the North Minneapolis Community to be a part of this year’s Art Crawl.

FLOW Northside Arts Crawl is a three-day celebration of the arts in North Minneapolis, July 27-29 2017. Stop by the Plymouth Ave Block Party Thursday July 27th or make the rounds on the evening of Friday, July 28th for the unveiling of the new Eastern Gateway Installation, plus preview events, gallery receptions and public performances. Saturday, July 29th, spend all day along West Broadway from the Mississippi River to Penn as we showcase over 300 artists of all ages and experiences at 35 different locations with an exciting day of indoor and outdoor activities. Join us as we come together to create in community and kick off our second decade of shining a light on the Northside through the arts.

Proposals should be submitted electronically to, filled out in this form, or sent to the West Broadway Coalition office, 1011 W. Broadway Suite #202, Minneapolis 55411.

Open Streets is a citywide project that will create mile-long, outdoor, in-the-street events in eight Minneapolis neighborhoods through summer and fall of 2017. 

OPEN STREETS WEST BROADWAY is the North Minneapolis Open Streets
Saturday, September 9th, from 11am-5pm. 

OPEN STREETS WEST BROADWAY is locally organized by the team at the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition. The event will stretch from Lyndale to Penn Ave N. and to showcase and celebrate Northside businesses, interests, enterprises, individuals, collectives and congregations, North Minneapolis music makers, artists, neighbors, doers, movers and shakers.  

Sign up here to participate: as a presenter, a vendor, to lead an activity, to organize an area, to volunteer at the event, or to become an event sponsor. 

Task Force Member: Task Force members volunteer to take the lead in planning a section of Open Streets, this may mean you or your organization planning a specific block, or coordinating a specific element like food trucks, or volunteer coordination. Task Force work is goal oriented and Task Force Members would meet with West Broadway coordinators as needed to guide/accomplish the goals, the Task Force may or may not meet as a group.  

Vendor: sign up to sell food, art, retail and services at the event. We'll collect necessary permits and ST-9 Sales Tax forms from all vendors by AUGUST 15th!!! 

Presenter: share information, showcase your Northside activity. Traditional tables or tents are just fine of course, but adding a visual twist or simple interactive element can help build your Open Streets success, and we're happy to help you think through creative approaches.

Performer: there will be 2 or 3 stages at key spots along the route, for music and spoken word, sign up with your talent and we'll connect you with the stage hosts as they are confirmed. OR dancers, actors, producers, puppeteers, performance artists, drum lines and marching bands: pitch a roving feature moving along the route end to end or in a special spot we help you secure.  


Money is not a requirement for participation*. Our goal is full participation. Sign up. 

Money is of course important: not only for a successful Open Streets event, but for successful, inclusive development on the Northside. Local sponsors and businesses are already stepping up to support Open Streets West Broadway and other great West Broadway Coalition programs and events. You're welcome to join the inspiring group of local sponsors for Open Streets starting at the base level of $100 for participant support, or at sponsorship levels of $500, $1000, $2500 or $5000. Again, not required, just welcome*.

On the other hand, if you NEED money or material to make your open streets magic, let us know the details and we'll try to make it happen, whether its as simple as a tent, or as complex as the fiber-optic cable to enliven your 20 foot tall robotic giraffe, we'll do our best to make it happen. (AND, if we DO make it happen, you can know you'll have those event sponsors to thank for any $upport, its not really any more magic than that). Our goal is to always see money flowing through all our local Northside businesses, small businesses, large businesses, organizations, and start up enterprises. 

How Open Streets works:
The City of Minneapolis and Open Streets Minneapolis planners "The Bike Coalition" handle logistics of closing the street, coordinating with city departments, police, and they waive most of the usual permit fees. The Bike Coalition ALSO organizes the majority of Open Streets events. Open Streets West Broadway is one of two LOCALLY organized Open Streets. So for Open Streets West Broadway the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition, that's us, supports all organizing of the event, printing, marketing, porta-potties, and any on street gear and equipment that isn't provided by individual vendors and presenters. We don't pay the city or Open Streets central, we keep all the event sponsor money for direct event support, and still work closely with the Bike Coalition to ensure that our Open Streets is integrated with all the other Open Streets.

*EXCEPT for the EXCEPTION, the money exception: if you are LATE with your permit paperwork, there is a LATE FEE, that's right, instead of fees waived and no money to participate, you'll be charged a city late fee of $175. So. You know. Don't be late, August 15 for permits.
FREEDOM SQUARE was created in 2016 by The West Broadway Coalition in collaboration with the design/architect/build team of TENxTEN, 4RM-ULA and Juxtaposition Arts to create an outdoor, public plaza for artist led activity.

ANYONE can request to host an event at Freedom Square, and we'll work with you to make as many of them happen as possible. Timeline and availability is on a case by case basis, if you're planning something that needs no funds or special permits, we may be able to say yes very quickly (for example "can we use it for yoga tomorrow?" or "can we meet out there with our easels and paint landscapes") meanwhile sound permits, food permits, etc. have a time delay. 

FREEDOM SQUARE features a multi-faceted "Magic Shed" with a flip-down 8ftx8ft performance stage, service counters for selling artworks or serving food. There is a set of fold-up cafe tables and chairs on-site, and the West Broadway Coalition has a mobile sound system which can be brought to the Square when planning ahead. Freedom Square  is located at 2034 West Broadway, right across from the Capri Theater. 

FREEDOM SQUARE is seen as a prototype to use now and shape the vision for a permanent outdoor performance site or sites along Broadway and North. We began hosting events in summer 2016 and will continue at least into 2018. The Freedom Square design and implementation process is part of a suite of activities that won support in 2015 from the nationally competitive ArtPlace America project. 

Being a SPONSOR one or more of our programs is a great way for you and your business to build Northside pride and West Broadway vibrancy while building your brand.

All of our West Broadway Coalition events aim to build the local economy, strengthen all-inclusive community development, inspire safety and liveability through positive activity, 

Sponsor one event, multiple programs, or become an organizational sponsor across all of our activity.